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tc 3. A Thousand Dollars by O. Henry

tc 3. How do the other characters in the story--including the departed uncle--judge Gillian? PLease use examples from the story to support your opinion.

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Gillian's departed Uncle believes him to be a spendthrift.

"... if, as our client, the late Mr. Gillian, explicitly provides-you have used this money as you have used money in the past-I quote the late Mr. Gillian —in reprehensible dissipation among disreputable associates— the $ 50,000 is to

be paid to Miriam Hayden, ward of the late Mr. Gillian, without delay."

The lawyers claim to be unbiased toward Gilian. They simply have to "judge" his spending and deem it appropriate before awarding him any other money.

"We are not at all unfavorably disposed toward you, Mr. Gillian, But let us

return to the letter of the codicil. If your disposal of the money in question has been prudent, wise, or unselfish, it is in our power to hand you over bonds to the value of $ 50,000, which have been placed in our hands for that purpose."


A Thousand Dollars