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Paragraph 5 Big Agriculture is the Only Option to Stop the World Going Hungry by Jay Rayner

(Paragraph 5) Look at the bags of perfect fruit, shiny, unblemished, the supermodels of the apple world. They only look like that because of the grading out of fruit which, while perfectly edible, is not comely enough for harried shoppers. In Kent recently, I met David Deme, for decades an apple farmer, who a few years ago decided he had to stop supplying supermarkets because he was being forced to "grade out" 30% to 40% of his fruit. He found this unacceptable and chose to move into a premium market, by making apple juice. Other English apple growers have similar stories to tell.


Questions: What does it say?               What does it mean?               What does it matter"

                 (summary or gist)                      (interpretation)                  ( implicatins/consequences)

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-Fruit that we (Britain in this case) see on the grocery shelves are perfect specimens of what people think a fruit should look like.In reality, these fruits are weeded out of thousands of pounds of fruit to supply Western countries with what they find aesthetically pleasing. 


-English apple growers could supply much of the apples in Britain apple market if people were not so fussy about aesthetics.

-Western countries would not have to rely on imported fruit like apples.