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Jill...Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty by Carolyn Said San Francisco Chronicle April 15, 2004

R U Still online? will U be able to help me with the rest of the activities?

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I've been looking through the articles and will help with what I can.... I want to leave anything I can't take care of open for Aslan. He'll be on later tonight. So unless I can complete the entire activity, I will leave them open. I wish my printer worked, It would save some time if I had hard copies sitting in front of me. It's very time consuming moving back and forth between documents.

OK, Thanks Jill. Am so sorry your printer doesn't work.

Thank you..... I'm definitely a hard copy girl...... I have binders, upon binders of papers with "annotations" and highlights all over the place. Fortunately, my husband is worse than I am..... he's the sticky-note King. ;-)