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from Lectures, 1855 by Frederick Douglass and From Lectures, 1855 by Frederick Douglass

Douglass and Garrison are describing different approaches to achieving the same goal: the end of slavery. Which approach would you have agreed with and why?

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Greta, this is very much a personal opinion question, and you'll need to be able to stand behind YOUR opinion.

Garrison supported an immediate end to slavery, wanted government uninvolved, and attacked organized religion because he beleived it upheld the practice of slavery. In addition, he wanted the movement of abolition to be based on peaceful, nonviolent change.

Douglass, unlike Garrison, believed that both the government and the church had a place in abolitionism. In fact, this caused a huge problem between the two men and a lasting rift (Garrison was Douglass' mentor).

From there, you'll have to form an opinion. I would base mine on a combination of the two, but I'm not so sure your homework calls for that.