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9.3 Aslan Making sure subjects and verbs agree

9.3 Select the correct verb for each of the following sentences.

9.16 If you (a. was b. were) in class, why didn't you say "present?"

9.17 We could hardly believe that the color of his stereo speakers (a. was b. were) silver.

9.18 The decision of the refers, after checking the rule book, (a. stands b. stand).

9.19 The state income tax, combined with real estate taxes and lottery monies, (a. pays b. pay) most of the cost of our public schools.

9.20 We. the members of the Step Dancing Team, including outgoing president Jennifer Perez, (a. wishes b. wish) you continued success.

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b. were

a. was

a. stands

b. pay

b. wish