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5b.From Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali by D.T. Niane

5b.What does Mari Djata do to get the baobab leaves and bring them to his mother?

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She says, "Ah, my son, to wipe out this insult, I want the tree and its roots at my feet outside my hut.”

Her son ends up standing for the first time in front of the hut. THen he went and ripped out a tree for his mother,

"With all his might the son of Sogolon tore up the tree and put it on his shoulders and went back to his mother. He threw the tree in front of the hut and said, “Mother, here are some baobab leaves for you. From henceforth it will be outside your hut that the women of Niani will come to stock up.”

What is Mari djata’s main difficulty