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52 2. Second Twenty Years at Hull House by Jane Addams

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52 2. Chicago with its diversified population, inevitably displayed many symptoms of an inflamed nationalism, perhaps most conspicuous were the deportations and trials of "Reds." Organizations whose headquarters were constantly being raided brought us their keep for them....There would be an occasional copy of Karl Marx or Bakunin... but almost always ther were Shakespeare's complete works and a library of American Literature. One Sunday...I received a call from a man from the Secret Service...who asked me if I knew that Bulgarian communists were holding a meeting in our largest public hall. I told him that I knew some Bulgarians were having a concert in Bowen Hall-what better could "the alien enemy" do than to spend a Sunday afternoon in a decent place listening to good music. He replied that his orders were to arrest the leaders. He returned in an hour to say that he couldn't find the leading communists for no one had said a word. He asked me what I would do in his place and I replied that I (would) return to headquarters and resign because I (feel strongly about) arresting people without warrants.


2. What does Addams say about the immigrants' books?

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Thanks Greta, at least it's a picture! He says their books brought American's knowledge and art that were irreplaceable.