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34. 3. An Account of the 1923 Tokyo Earthquake

Tsunami: First Person

Michael Dobbs

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, January 3, 2005; 1:00 PM

Last week, when a massive tsunami hit several countries in South Asia, Washington Post staff writer Michael Dobbs was swimming off the coast of a tiny island in Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka. Dobbs survived by grabbing hold of a stray fishing boat, not yet aware that his wife and children were also safe:


3. Can you please compare the The tsunami account (above) with Charles Blauvelt's daily entries about the 1923 Tokyo earthquake. Really would appreciate your help.

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The tsunami account lacks the detail that Charles Blauvelt's Tokyo earthquake account has. We really don't know much about the tsunami other than Michael Dobbs and his family lives through it. There is no description of the disaster or its aftermath.