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3. The Son From America by Isaac Bashevis Singer

3. What is your impressions of Berl and Bericha? Such as the description of their home and community, their understanding of the world, their reason for not spending the money their son has spent, and the role of tradition and religion in their life.

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Berl is a old traditional Jewish farmer; his wife is Berlcha. They live during the 1800's in the village of Lentshin. The couple owns a small farm, which only produces enough profit them to live a good, no frill existence.

Berlcha and Berl keep the money their son sends them every month under the bed; they save every penny. Their reason for not spending the money....... they tell Samuel they didn't it.

As far as religion and tradtion, they are Jewish; they respect the Sabbath and attend the synagogue.


The Son From America