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18AF. Aslan, Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty by Carolyn Said

Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty

Downey Unified School District

Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty. Sausalito firm offers clones for $50,000, signs up 5 cat owners. By Carolyn Said. San Francisco Chronicle, April 15, 2004.

Activity 18AF

Please answer these question to discover more about the purpose of the assignment.

9. How will the assignment be graded? On the basis of what criteria will your written work be evaluated? Do you understand each criterion?

Can you please help me with these? Would appreciate your help.

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9. I have no idea on how your assignment will be graded. If you were actually marking it you might consider:




- quality of argument

I still am confused if you are creating a letter or marking a letter but I'm doing my best.