Animal Farm

What are the major problems in the leadership of Animal Farm?

Major problems in the leadership of Animal Farm

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The main problem with the leadership is the fact the animals' revolt merely traded one form of tyranny for another. Once the revolution is successful, the "mob" is diffused by the leadership..... the mass is kept ignorant, made complacent by propaganda, and when necessary.... they are kept silent with violence. In keeping the animals ignorant and uneducated, the pigs are successful in telling the other animals how it is and will be..... some of the animals think of questions, but the pigs successfully use violence and intimidation to keep them quiet, as death will soon follow if they don't. Utopia becomes a reality for the pigs..... not the animals, who ultimately become slaves to their new master. The leadership enjoys the fruits of the animals' labor, the animals do not; the animals live by the rules used to oppress them, the pigs set the rules and act as they please.


Animal Farm