Animal Farm

What are some of Animal Farm's s key morals?

a moral teaches a lesson

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Animal Farm deals with themes rather than morals. The themes deal with the nature of autocratic and communist states. I suppose if we look for a moral, we can say that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". I suppose Napoleon initially had the well being of the farm in mind but once he got a taste of power, the philosophy behind the farm changes.

The concepts of animalism which read very much like a Ten Commandments reflect the morals (themes) that we take from this book. Two themes that we learn rather quickly is that it is easy to take advantage of those around us who are weak, or less intelligent. Napoleon uses his power to high pressure the sheep, who follow along with the rest of the crowd, and manipulate characters like Boxer who simply wants to help. The other moral is the Lord Acton belief: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Napoleon (the representation of Stalin), certainly becomes corrupt when he rules by fear.








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The strong will always take over the weak.