Animal Farm

Was the revolution that Old Major started on Animal Farm the same revolution at the end of the story?

I need 3 explanations and textual evidence that comes with it. thanks, I'm trying to complete a project and I need lots of information so i can put along with a piece of my powerpoint.

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Okay, you can consider a few more quote. One is where Boxer, their hardest worker, is sent to the butchers when he is injured,

"Some of the animals had noticed that the van which took Boxer away was marked "Horse Slaughterer," and had actually jumped to the conclusion that Boxer was being sent to the knacker's..."

Also, at the end of the novel, the pigs are dressing and acting like humans. THe ultimate irony is when Napoleon announces that Animal farm would be going to it's pre-revolution name of Manor Farm,

"Napoleon, was only now for the first time announcing it-that the name "Animal Farm" had been abolished. Henceforward the farm was to be known as "The Manor Farm"-which, he believed, was its correct and original name. "