Animal Farm

unquestioning loyality to figures of authority brings about abuse of power. comment on how this statement applies to animal farm. authority figures- napoleon, pigs role and non- resistance.

i would like the answer in essay form

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is an old chestnut but it still resonates today. Napoleon is the best example of this. The pig takes Old Major’s idealistic ideas and twists them into his self-serving dictatorship. The other animals live in fear and obey. The power becomes intoxicating. Suggestions from other animals like Snowball make him angry. Napoleon’s rule becomes increasingly a process to keep himself in power and punish those who might threaten it. Squealer doesn't stop to investigate exactly why he is so loyal to Napoleon. He simply does his bidding. This, of course, is an allegory to many leaders, like Stalin, in our history. Under the guise of communal strength, Napoleon was able to use unquestioned loyalty to his advantage. This type of loyalty is a powerful fascist tool. It gives the illusion of strength while using fear to demand it. Napoleon was a master at inflicting fear and demanding loyalty without question.