Animal Farm

in the novel farm animal what is squealer's explanation of why pigs must be given special food? how do the other animals react?

explanation of how the pigs were to be fed

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Squealer is great at manipulation. He says that it has been "scientifically proven that milk and apples are essential to the well-being of a pig". Since Pigs are the brains to this operation, he reasons that they should get all the apples and milk. Squealer warns that if the other animals do not heed this, farmer Jones will come back! Pigs must get this nutritious food for the sake of the whole farm's well-being. The other animals seem to buy his argument. So the pigs got apples and milk mixed in with their pig slop. The other animals seem to buy Squealer's patriotic speech for a while but they quickly notice the inequality when apples were supposed to be abundant yet they became scarce.