Animal Farm

describe and illustrate how in the first scene orwell makes fantastic situations and characters seem realistic

describe the first scene

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Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, stumbles drunkenly up to bed as the farm animals wait in still silence. The moment he is out of sight, they begin to bustle around, preparing themselves for the big meeting that is to take place that night. Old Major has called the meeting to discuss a strange dream he had the previous night. He is waiting for his fellow animals in the big barn. Chapter I introduces us to the idealism upon which Animal Farm and Animalism will later be built. Old Major assumes the role of philosopher, creating a detailed model for a utopian society. His role is also that of visionary or prophet because, smart as he is, part of Major’s vision of the future came to him in a dream. This story is a political allegory and we see this quickly. Once we have accepted what Orwell was trying to do the premise becomes clear and the satire quite scathing.