Animal Farm

Chapter 1 1. Describe the character of Mr. Jones. How does he run Manor Farm? 2. What animal is Old Major? What is the purpose of his meeting in the barn? 3. Define utopia in your own words. How is Old Major setting up a utopia? What is ironic about this?

Answer each individualy please!

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Mr. Jones is the owner of Manor Farm and a drunkard. His animals overthrow him in the Rebellion. When he tries to recapture his property, they defeat him, steal his gun, and drive him off again. Mr. Jones dies in a home for alcoholics in another part of the country. He represents the kind of corrupt and fatally flawed government that results in discontent and revolution among the populace. More specifically, Jones represents the latter days of imperial Russia and its last leader, the wealthy but ineffective Czar Nicholas II.

You neen to submit each question one at a time.