Animal Farm

1. From the animals’ viewpoint, explain what is wrong with Napoleon selling eggs, wood, and wheat. Is this bad from the human point of view of the story? Why or why not?

animal farm

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Napoleon appears in public less and less, and when he does, six fierce dogs act as his guards. As there is need for more grain, he has Mr. Whymper arrange a contract to sell four hundred eggs per week. The hens rebel by laying their eggs in the rafters so that the eggs smash on the floor. Napoleon stops the hens’ rations and makes feeding a hen punishable by death. Nine hens die, supposedly of coccidiosis, during the five-day strike, after which the hens surrender. Napoleon is perverting Old Major's original vision of an animal utopia for the animals and by the animals. Instead Napoleon is cavorting with humans and subjugating his fellow animals.