And Then There Were None

I need help to bring my english grade up? ((And Then There Were None Ch.9-end))

what does the bee have to do with Emily Brent's death??

What do the remaining guests do with all the drugs?? Who holds the key?? What are the Indians hiding? Why did the smell of the sea and seaweed scare Vera so badly? what was the murderer trying to accomplish here?

Explain why the following people couldn't have committed the crimes?





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You need to break these up. Too many questions in one question. Thanks!

I hope your question was intended to be comical. I laughed out loud. 'What do the remaining guests do with all the drugs??' I, too, wish I knew the answer to that one.

"What are the Indians hiding?" Those damned Indians.

Try this: find an armchair and a mug of hot chocolate. Now get comfortable and read the book.


Ur so stupid. Ur not cool.