An Abundance of Katherines


Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand is an anagram of Lindsey's great grandpa's name, Fred N. Dinzanfar. Ferdinand becomes a symbol of what matters to Colin most: mattering. Though Ferdinand is famous, he did not really do much; he is famous for being shot. "While some people are remembered, others are forgotten, and a lot of times it doesn't matter whether we try to do something noteworthy or not. History gets to decide, ultimately, whether we're remembered."[2]
Lindsey's Cave
Lindsey's cave is her "super, incredibly top secret location that no one on Earth knows about."[3] Colin is the only person she shows the cave to. This symbolizes the comfort and trust in their relationship. It also stands for Lindsey's privacy. Green has acknowledged that the cave can also be seen as a representation for Lindsey's vagina. Green says that Colin's romantic journey with Lindsey "is a journey away from the (phallic) obelisk and toward the (sapphic) cave, and in the end only in the place associated with femininity is Colin able to become authentically himself with someone else."[4]

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