Allen Ginsberg's Poetry

Give me the summary of the poem "Sweetest love return again"

writer: Mary Wroth

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This poem focuses on some of the pleasures that people take for entertainment: hawking, hunting, playing cards, and gambling. The narrator does not want to involve herself in these pursuits; she wants more ethereal pursuits - the pleasures that she would like to pursue are nothing like the things that the people around her enjoy. Some believe that this poem describes the life of the court of King James, a court which did not address the needs of the ladies in the court.

'sweetest love return again' poetry of mery wroth

Summary for : -

"Sweetest love return again"

by Mary Worth

Here the poetess is jealously inviting her beloved

to return to her without any fusy delay. She is sensitive

enough to realize the necessity of her beloved to part her

for wordly purposes. She does not like to stop her

beloved from doing the natural activity; but at the

same time she asks him not to make unnecessary

delay in returning to her...