All Quiet on the Western Front

Who was Gerard Duval? How did he fit into the story---that is, how did he become important to Paul? Explain.

What significance does this character have in relation to the others.

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Duval is an enemy soldier, a French man, who crawls into the shell crater in which Paul is hiding during a bombardment. Paul stabs him with his knife and spends hours staring at the man who slowly dies in front of him. Driven nearly insane by this encounter, and by the fact that he has killed the man, Paul searches the man's body to find some form of identification. He discovers that the man is a printer and that he has a family. Wracked with guilt, Paul vows to secretly send money to the man's family when the war is over. Duval is important because he brings a face of the enemy to Paul. Paul realzes that Duval is more his brother than the Kaiser.


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