All Quiet on the Western Front

The germans have suffered sever losses and emotional devastation.Find and then write out five sentences which capture the most significant details of these losses.

chapter 6

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More casualties pile up in the coming days; the men cannot always retrieve their wounded comrades in no-man's-land, and they die out there. They spend days trying unsuccessfully to find one wounded man whose cries grow increasingly hoarse and from seemingly everywhere. New recruits are brought in, but they are so inexperienced that they almost hurt the cause. They die at high rates from foolish mistakes. Paul and the other veterans teach the recruits the ways of war, but in the heat of the battle they forget the lessons. Haie is wounded in the back. Men lose body parts. In the end, the battle is a success for the Germans, who have yielded just a few hundred yards to the French--"But on every yard there lies a dead man." The men are relieved, ride away, and regroup. Second Company has thirty-two men left.