All Quiet on the Western Front

Has This Book changed what yall believe initially about the nature of wwi or other wars? why?\

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I believe this novel changed the world's perspective on the nature of war. For Americans, it was a glimpse of the war from the German perspective...... it showed us the reality of what they thought and believed. It is also the one novel that at the time removed any glorification from what was a truly horrific situation. Prior, men couldn't wait to join it what they believed would be an exciting adventure....... the grim realities of All Quiet on the Western Front dashed those beliefs and unveiled the truth.

Oi, do your own homework. Be thankful people like Aslan and Jill are so kind as to do your work for you. Two of those four questions were based on your opinion. Your opinion doesn't have to be correct so don't get other people to tell you their own for you to use in class.