All Quiet on the Western Front

Can I have evidence from the book on how Paul's personality was before the war page number please

Please help

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Paul wrote poetry:

"It is strange to think that at home in the drawer of my writing table there lies the beginning of a play called "Saul" and a bundle of poems."

Paul and his friends were young and unsure of their futures:

"Once it was different. When we went to the district-commandant to enlist, we were a class of twenty young men, many of whom proudly shaved for the first time before going to the barracks. We had no definite plans for our future. Our thoughts of a career and occupation were as yet of too unpractical a character to furnish any scheme of life."

Sorry, I don't have page numder for these quotes; they come from an etext. Both quotes are from Chapter Two.


All Quiet on the Western Front