All Quiet on the Western Front

ASAP!I am a writing an essay about a character from a novel who would resist Nazism later in life. I chose Katczinsky

Can you tell me your ideas and what would you write in this essay. Thanks!

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Kat, as he is known, is the wise, 40-year-old unofficial leader of Paul's company. A peacetime cobbler, Kat has a knack for making shrewd trades and scrounging up food in seemingly impossible situations. He also seems to have some sympathy with Communism, although this is not well developed in the novel. Though half his age, Paul seems to be closest with Kat of all the soldiers. Communists hated Fascists like Nazis even though we are talking about different eras.


Also Kat is much to kind and caring to be go along with Fascism. You can check out more below.