All Quiet on the Western Front

After Paul is injured, how is he treated cruelly by the surgeon? Chapter 10

somewhat short answers please and thank youuu!

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The surgeon removes the shell without pain medication, and seems to enjoy inflicting additional pain.

"Well now," he cackles and takes up his instrument again. He is a fair fellow, not more than thirty years old, with scars and disgusting gold spectacles. Now I see that he is tormenting me, he is merely raking about in the wound and looking up surreptitiously at me over his glasses. My hands squeeze around the grips, I'll kick the bucket before he will get a squeak out of me.

He has fished out a piece of shell and tosses it to me. Apparently he is pleased at my self- control, for he now sets my leg carefully in splints and says: "To-morrow you'll be off home." Then I am put in plaster. When I am back again with Kropp I tell him that apparently a hospital train comes in tomorrow morning.


All Quiet on the Western Front