All My Sons

keller(looking at his hand): "then what is this if it isn't telling me? sure,he was my son. but i think... to his they were all my sons. and i guess they were..."

a) what has keller realized at this point in the play? describe how he has changed. use one of the HOTS to answer.

b) explain why you chose this thinking skill.

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For three and a half years Joe Keller has placed the blame on his partner and former neighbor, Steven Deever. Joe continues to deny his involvement until the truth comes out. Then he "adjusts" his involvement by claiming that he did it for his family. He finally realizes that all the boys killed in planes from his negligence were all his sons. At the end of the play he kills himself in a sad attempt to rid himself of his and his family's guilt. I think he is a dynamic character internally if we examine his motives for lying and his eventual suicide.