Alice in Wonderland

name 3 nonsensical or peculiar things that happen in chapter one and why they are strange?

Chapter one

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1) Alice sees a rabbit who proclaims that it is very late, and pulls a pocket watch out of its waistcoat. Though she initially does not notice the strangeness of a talking rabbit, when she sees the rabbit's clothes and watch, she becomes very interested. She follows the rabbit, hopping right down a deep rabbit hole after him, giving no thought of how she plans to get out again

Rabbits don't talk or carry watches.

2) Alice sees a bottle, on which the label says "DRINK ME," and after checking to see if it marked "poison," Alice drinks it all. She shrinks to a size small enough for the door, but she soon realizes that she has left the key on top of the glass table.

There is no magic potion to make us shrink.

3) Alice finds a piece of cake, on which is a little slip of paper that says "EAT ME." Alice eats, and waits for the results.

You have to question why she would eat the cake after drinking the potion.