A Wrinkle in Time

What is the life for the residents of camazotz?

chapter 5-8

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Once on Camazotz, the children see that everything in the town looks very similar. All the houses are the same and all the children playing outside are wearing similar clothes. Meg notices that there is something strange about the way the children are playing, and then realizes that they are all jumping rope and playing with balls in an exact rhythm. All their movements are coordinated and the same.

In order to gain entrance into someone's home you have to have papers. Later, they meet a paperboy delivering papers, each paper being thrown in the same arc and landing on the same place at the step of each door. The paper boy tells them that they aren’t allowed on the streets during this time. When Charles Wallace questions the paper boy, he tells them that “Everybody knows our city has the best Central Intelligence Center on the planet. Our production levels are the highest. Our factories never close; our machines never stop rolling. Added to this we have five poets, one musician, three artists, and six sculptors, all perfectly channeled.”