A Wrinkle in Time

In what ways are the woman in Wrinkle in Time projected as strong and independent

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Meg, the protagonist, turns out to be a strong young lady. She has a passion for math and science and develops into a confident and brave hero. Meg's mother is also much like her daughter. Mrs. Whatsit, in a previous life, was actually a star. She lost her star life doing battle with the Dark Thing; and though she managed to wound the Dark Thing, she herself lost her ability to shine in the sky. Mrs. Which is one of the three ladies who help Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin travel through time and space in order to fight the Dark Thing and rescue Meg's father. As you can see, all these women have strong personalities. Some are quite powerful like Mrs. Which has a talent for wrinkling time and space in order to let the children travel great amounts of distance to far planets. They are not subservient to men rather they often have superior traits. You can check out more below,