A Wrinkle in Time

How did Mrs. Murry react when Mrs. Whatsit said, "There is such a thing as a tesseract?


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In the book A Wrinkle in Time the children are missing their father who has been gone for a year. His wife assures them that he will be back, but they learn that something has gone wrong and they have to help.

Meg questions her mother about what a tesseract after she learns of it. She is aware that her mother is a physicist and has been performing experiments with her dad. She asks her when she was going to tell them about the tesseract.

Meg's mother looks worried and explains to Meg that she was going to tell her about the tesseract but now was not the time. She then tells Meg to run along as she has the twins to put to bed.



What was Meg’s best subject in school?