A Thousand Splendid Suns

what male character had the most positive impact on Laila's life? Defend your claim.

defend your claim

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Tariq is the most positive male role model in Laila's life.He is Laila's next door neighbor, a few years older than Laila. Tariq lost a leg during a war, and many of the people in the neighborhood refer to him as the cripple. Yet, Tariq has a strong heart, and he stands up for Laila when she gets picked on. Tariq and Laila fall in love and conceive a child, but then Tariq's family moves to Pakistan to avoid further violence in Kabul. Though Laila is told Tariq has died, he returns to Kabul years after Laila has married Rasheed, and after Rasheed's death, the two of them and their children move to Pakistan. Tariq and Laila are eventually married.