A Thousand Splendid Suns

How does the letter from Mariam's father show his character? Does it redeem him in some Way? in what ways is it ironic?

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The letter is one that Jalil wrote to Mariam revealing that Afsoon, Nilofaur, and his son Farhad had been killed. Jalil writes that Mariam is a good daughter and he regrets not taking her in. Indeed, Jalil had lost much of his wealth to the communists, and he sold the rest of his land. Jalil asks Mariam to come visit him, because he says he is dying soon. He has enclosed Mariam's share of the inheritance in the box, converted into U.S. dollars. Laila shows Tariq the money in the box, and she cries. As for redemption, I wish Miriam had seen the letter herself.