A Thousand Splendid Suns

How do the female roles in A Thousand Splendid Suns challenge the traditional view of female Afghan roles?

Consider the representation of female characters in the novel and discuss to what extent Hosseini is successful in challenging traditional Afghan female roles and values (Focus on minimum 3 characters: Mariam, Laila, Nana)

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The women forge strong bonds despite the efforts of their husbands and their government to reduce women’s power. The bonds differ in nature. For instance, Giti, Hasina, and Laila form a bond of girlish friendship, but Mariam and Laila form a much more powerful familial bond later in the novel. Nana finds strength from her daughter Mariam, and Mariam finds an admirer when she arrives in a Taliban-controlled prison. The novel thus suggests that women have a strong ability to find strength and support in one another. Mariam never would have gained the strength to fight Rasheed if she had not gained confidence and love from Laila. You can find individual characters at the GradeSaver link below: