A Streetcar Named Desire

To what extend might Stanley be thought a positive rather than a destructive force in A Streetcar Named Desire?

stanley's character, the way he behave with Blanche and Stella

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Although I have little sympathy for Stanley's character, there's a lot to be said for his initial assessment of Blanche and his warnings to Stella about "who" her sister really is. Stanley sees through Blanche from the first moment...... knowing there's something "off" about her behavior, and taking umbrage to her condescending attitudes. That he checks up on her past secretly and unbeknownst to Stella is wrong, but he also attains important information that Stella is either unwilling or unable to deal with; he is most certainly unable to deal, and as a result his own character takes the sinister turn that makes him rather hard comprehend....... and in the end he's just as crazed as his sister in law.

I think that Stanley's character could have been a positive force in other circumstances (had Stella taken his cue from the start), but his latter reactions deem that thought incorrect.