A Streetcar Named Desire

Not making the audience aware of Blanche's first husband's sexuality, inhibits the conflicts Blanche's character faces? If you chose to agree with this staement, how would you go about explaining why?

in a street car named desire

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I think knowing about her first husband Allen only adds to the conflicts that Blanche is experiencing. Allen. being a homosexual, adds more tragedy to Blanche's backstory. After Blanche confronts Allan, he shoots himself. As she recounts this story, we hear the polka, the Varsouviana, from the dance hall, which was playing during the scene she remembers. We are now inside her head, and the heightened unreality of the play begins to take hold. The auditory hallucination represents her guilt and obsession, and her inability to escape the past. But we hear it too, and this shared hallucination implicates us in the disintegration of Blanche's reality.