A Streetcar Named Desire

I want to know the diference between the book and the movie

what diferences is there between the book and the movie?? how many versions of the movie esxit?? when and where did they do the plays for the this book???

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This is a really good blog spot for this. Please check out the source link below for it all.

Williams. I felt that the characters that Williams presented were very strong and the story was very backwards, just like a lot of the other literature we’ve been reading. When reading this I was able to see how Blanche represented the South, and how Stella and especially Stanley in a way represented the, “New American Man and Woman.” Stanley represented the, “mans-man” and his character was very masculine. I feel that this story also represented the change in society from agriculture and plantation life to a more industrial life style. The way Blanche lived on Belle Reve was much different than how Stella and Stanley lived in New Orleans, but Belle Reve was gone and the, “Old way of life” was also slowly fading. I feel that this story was a great depiction of how the South’s transformation away from the plantation life affected the people.

I felt that the movie captured even more of the interesting details about the story and displayed them for you......