A Streetcar Named Desire

I have been asked by my professor to do a research and ask people that what if you guys were in blanche's shoes and your brother in law knows your dirty secrets and has given you an all expenses paid bus ticket back to a town which you cannot return?

Put yourself in Blanche's shoes. Your brother-in-law knows about your dirty little secrets, and has now given you an all-expense paid bus ticket back to a town to which you cannot return.

please help

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Hard question to answer because we also know the outcome. If we had the same mentality as Blanche, we cannot help but think that we would do what she does: ignore the truth and try to somehow escape the horror of my past. I personally, would try to get out of town and would hope that I could create a new life. However, in the time this was set, Blanche had few options as a woman and her lack of self-esteem makes her future miserable.