A Streetcar Named Desire

first trial scene in england from the story a tale of two cities

analysis the first trial scene in england

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Charles Darnay’s first trial in London is a view of the London of the times. London was different than Paris, as you'll find out while reading the novel, but in this case it ran a frightening parallel to the other city. Thus, the Tale of Two Cities.

The courtroom is our peek at British government; there's lots of talk and lots of running around, but unfortunately, there's actually a whole lot of 'NOT' following the law going on. Darnay's trial could easily be seen as a sham; the poor man is deemed guilty before trial, the lawyers seem to do nothing more than listen to the sounds of their own voices, and to top it all off......... in what I consider an early instance of media exploitation...... they put up mirrors so the people present in the courtroom can watch the accused.

On a happier note, Charles is later acquitted. But not before witnessing the drunkards of London in a mob scene where they call for his execution. That must have been quite an experience!


A Tale of Two Cities

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