A Separate Peace

Why was it a good choice for Gene to admit his fault of shaking the tree branch to Phineas

I need 3 examples and at least 1 direct quote and i need a fast reply, thanks! This is the book "A Seperate Peace"

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Gene really needs to get the guilt off his conscience. His guilt was eating at his soul. Confessing also helps Finny deal with his own issues surrounding the accident. Talking about the experience is both painful and cathartic for Finny and Gene.

I just fell," his eyes were vaguely on my face, "something jiggled and I fell over. I remember I turned around and looked at you, it was like I had all the time in the world. I thought I could reach out and get hold of you."

I flinched violently away from him. "To drag me down too!" Ch 5