A Room of One's Own

Adaptations and cultural references

In 1975 the Madison, Wisconsin bookstore "A Room of One’s Own" was founded by five women as a feminist bookstore, but later it became a regular bookstore.[26]

A literary journal launched in Vancouver, Canada in 1975 by the West Coast Feminist Literary Magazine Society, or the Growing Room Collective, was originally called Room of One's Own but changed to Room in 2007.[27][28][29][30]

The Smiths' 1985 song "Shakespeare's Sister" is named after a section of the essay. Shakespears Sister, founded in 1988, is an alternative pop group featuring Siobhan Fahey. The name was adapted from the title of the Smiths' song; however, Fahey has described the meaning of the name being, "Siobhan Fahey is the mother, the sister, the daughter, it's not the artist. The artist is Shakespear's sister."[31][32]

A Room of One's Own was adapted as a play by Patrick Garland that premiered in 1989 with Eileen Atkins;[33] a television adaptation of that play was broadcast on PBS Masterpiece Theatre in 1991.[34][35]

The Leather Archives and Museum, founded in 1991,[36] has an exhibit called A Room of Her Own, about which curator Alex Warner has written, "As I began work for the first exhibit installation of the Women’s Leather History Project, I was excited that we were both literally and figuratively making room for Leatherwomen’s history in the LA&M. It was out of this line of thinking that "A Room of Her Own" emerged, building on Virginia Woolf’s 1929 feminist text that argues for women’s need for space to think and create".[37]

The Two Nice Girls' third album, from 1991, was called Chloe Liked Olivia, referencing the essay.[38][39]

Chloe plus Olivia: an anthology of lesbian literature from the seventeenth century to the present was published in 1994 by Lillian Faderman; the phrase "Chloe plus Olivia" is a reference to the essay.[39][40]

A blog eventually called Shakesville started in 2004 as Shakespeare’s Sister; the blog ended in 2019.[41] It was named after the Smiths' song "Shakespeare's Sister" and the essay, because (in regard to the essay), "I [the blog's original author, Melissa McEwan] am the heir of all the Shakespeare's Sisters before me, who carved out rooms of their own, tiny pieces of space and time, in which they formed the habit of freedom and mustered the courage to write exactly what they thought. I took up their legacy with breathless gratitude and compelling need, and I created a room of my own, built of 1s and 0s, where I try to honor them, as best I can".[42]

Patricia Lamkin's play Balancing the Moon (2011) was inspired by the essay.[43]

A women's co-working space in Singapore, "Woolf Works", opened in 2014 and was named after Virginia Woolf in tribute to the essay.[44][45]

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