A Passage to India

how do you explain Adela experience in the cave and how do you explain her subequent reaction of her statement

why did Adela accuse Aziz of her charg

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Adel a is in a state of high anxiety before she even enters the cave. Her pending marriage and personal distaste for the English that she considers hypocrites. The complete darkness in the caves causes Adela to face her darkest fear, literally and figuratively. Her experience in the cave is never revealed, but she assumes, without proof, that the doctor assaulted her. This puts her on the same level as the English"hypocrites." So now her deepest fear is revealed. She is no better than those she looked down upon. She is able to come to terms with the truth later, when she is no longer bothered by the "echoes" from the cave. The term echo is important since it is also viewed in multiple ways. The cave will literally echo with the crime and just like a real echo, the echo in her head is repetitive. She has to physically remove herself from the darkness of the cave and the sound of the echo before she can see the truth.