A Passage to India

Comment on the ending of the novel of A Passage to India. How satisfactory do you find it?

comment on the structure, themes and character developments.

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I found the meeting between Aziz and Fielding to be heart warming. It was unfortunate that they couldn't move beyond everything they experienced and re-establish their friendship, but it was also understandable. Sometimes you just can't go back.


A Passage to India

I really like it. THe ending is a metaphor for English/ British relationship at the time. Fielding and Aziz are on horseback during the monsoon season. Although Aziz knows that fielding did not marry Adela, things will never be the same between the two. Both have different philosophies. Where once Aziz seemed almost enchanted with the idea of Britain, he now craves for Indian independence. Fielding now almost reticules India and her culture. We realize that like India and Britain, the two men must part ways.