A Passage to India

a passage to india is a philosophical novel which underline the british colonial rule in india and e.m forster 's fantcing as a dream world? discussed it with reference to the visits paid by britishers to india?

I just want to know about passage to inddia as philosophical noval with referance to the visits paid by britishers to india.

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A Passage to India as a tragic but platonic love story between the two friends, separated by different cultures and political climates. Forster does not express any definitive political standpoint on the sovereignty of India. Fielding suggests that British rule over India, if relinquished, would be replaced by a different sovereign that would be perhaps worse than the English. However, Aziz does make the point that it is British rule in India that prevents the two men from remaining friends. Forster thus indicates that British rule in India creates significant problems for India, but does not offer an easy or concrete solution.