A Long Way Gone

chpt 21; pg 212: Beah writes "it sickened me to see that sierra leoneans asked money from those who had come from the war. They were benefiting from people who were running for their lives" Can u think of other examples of ppl who

Should be supporting one another instead exploiting one another? Why does this happen? 

Help please (chpt 21 quote on page 212)

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Supply and demand, as well as greed leads people to do all sorts of things. Too many people work to find ways to exploit desperate situations. For example, you children are starving and have nothing to eat...... but here comes your neighbor from down the street, and he has small sandwiches for $20 a piece. You only have $20, but there's nothing else available. Do you spend all the money you have for one meal? Of course..... it's spend it or starve. Your neighbor has the supply, and your children's health demands it.

Shoud we support our fellow man rather than exploit their needs..... YES! But as long as the desire for money and greed exists, this very thing will happen over and over again.

Yes we support our fellowman