A Long Way Gone

chpt 15; pg 128) the soldiers start singing the serria leone national anthem.The words beah reprints are "High we exalt thee, realm of the free, great is the love we have for thee..." Why does

he include that lone in his story? If most countries, despite evidence to the contrary, consider themsleves free, what exactly does it mean to live as a free person in a free country? Does the U.S. meet that standard?

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This is such a loaded question, it is difficult to fully answer in this space. Really "freedom" depends on context and point of view. Western countries like to think of themselves as models of freedom. This may be so but we must examine what freedom means. Some might argue the wealthy, in Western countries, have all the power regardless of elections or democracy. Certainly we (Western countries) do not have the chaos of some emerging countries like Sierra Leone but true "freedom" is largely subjective term.