A Long Way Gone

(6) What do Ishmael and Alhaji do with Gasemu *Negor* Gasemu? What was wrong with Gasemu?

Gasemu got hurt right?

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As they get nearer to the village, the see a man cutting down ripe bananas. Beah recognizes him as Gasemu, one of the “notorious single men” of Mattru Jong. Gasemu studies the boys for a moment, then asks them to help him carry bananas to the village. The boys and Gasemu are chased by rebel soldiers. The boys pick Gasemu up and discover that he had been shot in the leg and side by the rebels during their chase. The boys try to stanch the flow of blood while Gasemu gives them directions to a wahlee (coffee processing place) and shows them the right path to take through the forest. Past midday, Gasemu asks to be set down on the ground; he falls prone and dies. The boys carry Gasemu’s body to the wahlee and lay him at rest.