A Lesson Before Dying

The scene in which Grants meets with Sheriff Guidry, Henri Pichot, Louis Rougon, and the fat man

In Chapter 6. Does Sam think the visits will do any good?

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When Henri and the sheriff, Sam Guidry, come down from dinner to talk to Grant, accompanied by Louis Rougon and a smirking fat man. Grant intuits that the sheriff has already made up his mind about whether he will be allowed to visit Jefferson, so he feels no need to be obsequious to the white men. Sam questions Grant about his intentions for the lessons, and Grant is open about his reluctance to give the lessons, explaining that it is a favor to his aunt. Sam and Henri note ominously that Grant is “a little too smart for [his] own good” (49) when he correctly uses “doesn’t” instead of “don’t.” Nevertheless, Sam consents to the visits, although he thinks they’re futile and unnecessary.