A Farewell to Arms

How does Ernest Hemingway's tone & attitude convey the purpose in the following details in chapter 6?

Nick sat against the wall of the church where they had dragged him to be clear of machine-gun fire in the street. Both legs stuck out awkwardly............................"We're not patriots." Nick turned his head away smiling sweatly. Rinaldi was a disappointing audience.

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The tone of the sentences in this excerpt feel short and abrupt. They reveal ugly images around them. There seems to be some humour as well which only intensifies the acrid tone of the scene.. There are undertones of disillusionment which come out in the jilted discourse between the two soldiers, “Senta Rinaldi. Senta. You and me we’ve made a separate peace” …. “not patriots”. There is also the feeling of helplessness with wounded men strewn around the street while Nick sits “dirty and disabled” his legs protruding “awkwardly”.